Chapter Title 50%
Chapter 2 Accounting Process Yes
Chapter 3 BRS Yes
Chapter 4 Inventories Yes
Chapter 5 Accounting Process Yes
Chapter 6 Accounting for Special Transaction - Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Part-I: Business Laws
Chapter 1 Indian Contract act 1872 Yes
Chapter 2 Sale of goods act, 1930 Yes
Part II - Business and Commercial Knowledge.
Chapter 1 Communication Yes
Chapter 2 Sentence Types and Direct-Indirect, Active-Passive Speech Yes
Chapter 3 Vocabulary Yes
Chapter 4 Comprehension Passages Yes
Chapter 5 Note Making Yes
Chapter 10 Writing Formal Letters and Official Communication Yes
Part I - Formal Letters
Part II - Official Communication
Chapter Title 50%
Part-A: Business Mathematics
Chapter 1 Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms Yes
Chapter 2 Equations and Matrices Yes
Unit I: Equations
Unit II: Matrices
Chapter 3 Time Value of Money Yes
Chapter 4 Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations Yes
Part-B: Logical Reasoning
Chapter 5 Direction Tests Yes
Chapter 6 Seating Arrangements Yes
Chapter 7 Blood Relations Yes
Part-C: Statistics
Chapter 8 Statistical Description of Data Yes
Chapter 9 Probability Yes
Chapter 10 Correlation And Regression Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Part 1 Business Economics
Chapter 2 Theory of demand and supply Yes
Chapter 3 Theory of production and cost Yes
Chapter 4 Meaning and Types of Markets Yes
Part 2 Business and commercial knowledge
Chapter 1 Introduction to business & BCK Yes
Chapter 2 Business environment Yes
Chapter 6 Common business terminology Yes
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