It is because only knowledge is not enough to crack CA Exams, expression of the knowledge is equally important.

The 3-hour exam game is all about the confidence you have while writing. It is more of a psychological game. With enough writing practice you get more confidence to perform in the exam. The final exam just becomes like normal test which you attempt after a good writing practice. And with the belief and confidence we engrave in you, there will be no hurdle to your success path!!

You can appear for it at one of our centers or at home as per your convenience. To view our list of centers click here.

You can enroll for our tests by either physically visiting our center or through our online portal.
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You have complete flexibility of choosing any number or type of paper you want to subscribe. However, we recommend you to take either the entire group or both groups as you would be getting 10% & 15% discount respectively.

In case of test from center the answer sheets, question paper & additional supplements will be provided by the center.

In case of test from home we will courier you the required number of blank answer sheets. We will provide the soft copy of the question paper in your PREPCA account.

PREPCA only helps you to refine your writing skills and develop a shield of self confidence to crack these papers to the best of your knowledge. Everyone is well aware that ICAI has a knack to create unpredictability & an element of surprise in the exams, This makes the Profession more challenging and admirable. We prepare you for the battle in such a way that the results coupled with your knowledge lead to your success.

About Our Programme

  • We have orchestrated a very unique way of preparing for the examination by introducing a simple yet effective way for students to “Re-Revise” their syllabus a multiple time by appearing for multiple tests as follows:
    • For IPCC each subject has 4 papers i.e. covering 30%, 70% & 2 papers for 100% syllabus.
    • For Final each subject has 2 papers i.e. 50% & 100% syllabus.

    This way we have conceptualized a cumulative revision pattern for each subject giving you writing practice & helping you gain more confidence. More over you appear for the 1st test 2.5 months before your actual exam which gives you enough time to re-strategize on your mistakes. You can then appear for the next test and improvise on your previous mistakes.

  • Our premium offering is ADAR (Answer-wise Detailed Assessment Report) which is a revolution in itself.
  • Students even have the option of giving the tests from home as per their convenience.

The full-form of ADAR is “Answer-wise Detailed Assessment Report”. In this report you will get a detailed feedback about your performance individually for each answer that you have written. So for example if you have scored 2 out of 4 marks then you will get a feedback about why you have not scored those extra 2 marks. You need not keep searching for your mistakes in the suggested answers. It’s unique & specific to each student’s performance. However, for reference we will be attaching the suggested answers as well.
( View Sample Report )

This way you finish cumulative revision of each subject with writing practice & gain more confidence. More over you write the 1st test 2.5 months before your actual exam which gives you enough time to work & re-strategize on your mistakes.

Bird's Eye View – Chapter-wise scoring gives you scoring for each subject chapter-wise with a rating to it. This report will enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses chapter wise. After giving multiple tests you will be able to evaluate how you have performed chapter-wise in each tests. Please note that this feature is available only for students appearing for our multiple test model. ( View Sample Report )

Yes, you can buy the same from our website under The Practice Paper Program.

Exam Schedule and Syllabus

To know the syllabus for IPCC click here.
To know the syllabus for CA FINAL click here.

To know the schedule for IPCC click here.
To know the schedule for CA FINAL click here.

However, you can get your dates modified with the center's permission. In case of test from home you have your convenience.


You will have to either scan and mail it to us on [email protected] or courier us the papers at the head office address given on contact us page for evaluation (not applicable for test from center). You will receive your evaluation back in soft copies at your registered email account.
  • For Test from Home – You will receive your evaluation within 7 WORKING DAYS from the date of receipt of your courier.
  • For Test from Center – You will receive your evaluation within 10 WORKING DAYS from the date of your test.

You shall receive an email once your evaluation is completed.

Yes, you will have a personal log-in id & password. You will be able to download question papers, suggested answers & evaluations, access your status of evaluation & track your performance through your PREPCA Account.

Courier Charges

  • For Test from Home – Courier Charges will be borne by you. However you can aviod this by scanning and sending us the papers for evaluation at [email protected] .
  • For Test from Center – You will not bear any courier charges.

Payment Options

  • For Test from Home – Payment can be done by using debit cards, credit cards, net banking, mobile wallets or Cash on Delivery
  • For Test from Center – Payment can be done by visiting the center, booking a seat online and then paying at center or by using options mentioned under Test from Home


Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Need Help

For any further queries please feel free to contact us. Our business timings are from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. We are also available on a direct call or text on 094219 71899 / 091580 93313. You can even fill in our enquiry form & we will revert to you within the next 6 working hours.

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