Get 100% Money Back if you clear all PREPCA Tests & do not clear ICAI Exam.

The following are terms & conditions

  • Offer is applicable only if a student appears & writes minimum 1 Group & 3 Tests per subject.
  • Student has to score minimum 40 marks in each Prepca Paper or 200 marks per group.
  • The login details to Prepca is to be furnished to check the ICAI RESULT. No screenshots will be allowed.
  • The student has to request for ICAI certified copies and share with us for the refund to be processed. Prepca guarantees that the ICAI answer sheet will kept confidential.
  • For any further understanding you may call us on 9421971899 or [email protected]
  • Students who has exemption & takes part test series will be eligible for Prepca Assured Program
  • Prepca reserves the right to change the above mentioned conditions which will be informed to you in advance & made applicable prospectively.

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