Everyone has heard of the saying “think out of the Box”. But very few might have learned that today’s generation demands a futuristic mind set that thinks that there is no box to mark 4 corners to your creativity & thinking, it’s simply limitless!!

With this thought, PREPCA brings to you “Idea Box”. At this platform we welcome our viewers to share their ideas & thoughts for helping us to help the education system grow its branches towards the betterment of the students & the other members of this system.

It goes without saying that your Ideas are valued here. If your idea helps us grow in any way, PREPCA would be honoured to give recognition to your idea. We shall provide that to you by any of the following:

  • Giving an opportunity to join PREPCA.
  • Free access to PREPCA’s Programs.
  • Flipkart / Amazon Vouchers.
  • Free Books.
  • Other Freebies.

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