Chapter Title 50%
Chapter 3 Ind AS 115: Revenue from Contracts with Customers Yes
Chapter 12 Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments Yes
Chapter 13 Business Combination and Corporate Restructuring Yes
Chapter 14 Consolidated Financial Statements Yes
Chapter 15 Analysis of Financial Statements Yes
Chapter 16 Integrated Reporting Yes
Chapter 17 Corporate Social Responsibility Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Chapter 3 Security Analysis  Yes
Chapter 4 Security Valuation Yes
Chapter 6 Securitization  Yes
Chapter 8 Derivatives Analysis and Valuation  Yes
Chapter 9 Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management    Yes
Chapter 12 Corporate Valuation   Yes
Chapter 13 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring  Yes
Chapter 14 Startup Finance Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Chapter 1 Auditing Standards, Statements and Guidance Notes- An Overview Yes
Chapter 4 Special Aspects of Auditing in an Automated Environment Yes
Chapter 5 Company Audit  Yes
Chapter 7 Audit Committee and Corporate Governance Yes
Chapter 9 Audit of Banks Yes
Chapter 13 Audit of Public Sector Undertakings Yes
Chapter 18 Professional Ethics   Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Section A: Corporate Laws :
Chapter1 Appointment and Qualifications of Directors Yes
Chapter3 Meetings of Board and its Powers Yes
Chapter4 Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation Yes
Chapter6 Prevention of oppression and mismanagement Yes
Section-B: Securities Laws
Chapter1 The Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956 and the Securities Contract (Regulation) Rules, 1957 Yes
Chapter2 The securities and Exchange Board of India Yes
Part-II: Economic Laws
Chapter3 The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 Yes
Chapter4 Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 Yes
Chapter6 The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Sub Part-I: Strategic Cost Management
Chapter 3 Lean System and Innovation Yes
Chapter 4 Cost Management Techniques Yes
Chapter 5 Cost Management for Specific Sector Yes
Sub Part 2 Strategic Decision Making
Chapter 6 Decision Making Yes
Part-B: Performance Evaluation and Control
Sub Part-I: Performance Evaluation and Reporting
Chapter 9 Divisional Transfer Pricing Yes
Sub Part-II: Managerial Control
Chapter 12 Standard Costing Yes
Part C Case Study
Chapter 13 Case Study Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Part I Direct Tax Laws
Chapter 6 Profits And Gains Of Business Or Profession Yes
Chapter 7 Capital Gains Yes
Chapter 8 Income From Other Sources Yes
Chapter 11 Deductions From Gross Total Income Yes
Chapter 12 Assessment of Various Entities Yes
Chapter 17 Assessment Procedure Yes
Chapter 20 Penalties Yes
Chapter 22 Liability in Special Cases Yes
Part II: International Taxation
Chapter 1 Transfer Pricing and Other Provisions to check Avoidance of Tax Yes
Chapter 5 Non-resident Taxation Yes
Chapter 3 Double Taxation Relief Yes
Chapter 4 Advance Rulings Yes
Chapter Title 50%
Part I: Goods and Services Tax
Chapter 1 GST in India - An Introduction
Chapter 2 Supply under GST Yes
Chapter 3 Charge of GST
Chapter 4 Exemptions from GST Yes
Chapter 5 Place of Supply Yes
Chapter 6 Time of Supply
Chapter 7 Value of Supply Yes
Chapter 8 Input Tax Credit Yes
Chapter9 Registration
Chapter10 Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes
Part-II Customs & FTP
Chapter1 Levy of and Exemptions from Customs Duty
Chapter2 Types of Duty
Chapter3 Classification of Imported and Export Goods
Chapter4 Valuation under the Customs Act, 1962 Yes
Chapter5 Importation, Exportation and Transportation of Goods Yes
Chapter6 Duty Drawback
Chapter7 Refund
Chapter8 Foreign Trade Policy Yes
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