CA Final Exams: The ideal timetable for the week before exams

So, you’re at the last week. Seven days to go, and you’re as ready as you can be. But you cannot help but wonder what more you can do. Is there anything that you are missing out on? Should you be catching up on any essentials? Here are a few tips to help you use your last seven days before the exam as efficiently as possible.

Don’t overdo it

The last week is not the time for studying, it’s the time for revision. A lot of students end up rereading everything in a mode of panic without realising that they are sabotaging their chances at remembering the important bits.


The hardest papers require the most preparation. Dedicate time to them. A lot of students struggle with Law and Accountacy, dedicate time to these papers and practise. But do not go in a frenzy and overlook evrrything else.

Get Sleep

Don’t stay up. It hurts your short term memory and may cause you to forget stuff on the final day. Also, having a good sleep will help you feel fresh and confident on the day of your exams. And if it hasn’t been enough so far, it won’t be now. So relax.

Revise, don’t memorize

Although memory plays an important role in CA as a whole, the last week is not the time to utilize the extent of your memory. Chances are, you will end up forgetting all your last minute mugging up. So it is better you stick to revising and not memorising.

Practice papers

Mock test papers are a great method of revision and especially at the elenth hour, they help you by providing you with a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Mock test papers can help you revise without actually having to go through the entire syllabus and are a quick way to practise.

Prepare for the D-day

Make sure everything you need for the exam days is kept in your bags, like admit cards, ID cards, stationery etc. It is absolutely important to remember carrying these as they might lead to your disqualification if you accidentally forget your admit card at home.

Relax and de-stress properly

Don’t do things that will kick your brain into high gear. Focus on physical activities or mindless things like TV or movies. Unwinding actually has a positive effect on the brain as it ensures that your brain is not overworked right before an important paper. Also, try and stay away from social media, as it can have negative effects on your overall attitude and mood.

Be optimistic

Follow all these tips to maximize the chances of doing well. When giving the paper, be careful, vigilant and work hard. Success will be in your grasp! Now to come to the ideal time table for the last week, follow the following pointers and create a timetable that suits your needs:

  • Wake up at a comfortable hour. There is no need to wake up way too early. Also, ensure that you do not wake up too late as either of those can set the tone for the day and it might not be positive if you feel guilty about waking up late. Similarly, if you wake up too early, you might feel groggy through the day and low on energy. So wake up at the right hour.
  • Spend the initial hours of the day in physical activities or family time. Indulge in exercising or go for a walk. It is a great booster for the mind and it will allow you to destress. Exercising also releases endorphins which are a great memory booster and they sharpen your mind.
  • Have a sumptuous breakfast and start revision. Go through the important parts as you have highlighted during your studying. Do not re-study or memorize in this time. The final week is meant for you to go over everything you have studied so far. This is not the time to learn new things as it might confuse you at the last hour.
  • Allot each day to one subject as per your exam time table in the opposite order so that you cover all the subjects at least twice. This way, you revise the entire curriculum and are confident at the time of the actual examination.
  • Post lunch, solve one mock test paper and go through your answers so that you can effectively analyse your progress. It will also be a great way of revision without actually having to read everything again. The mock test papers will also ensure an examination like environment which will help you avoid any surprises during the exam.
  • Take frequent breaks in your revision and be social. A lot of students tend to shut out everyone around them during exams as a coping mechanism. However, socialising can help you destress in the final hours. Remember to indulge in recreation from time to time as CA can be a hectic endeavour.
  • End your day on a good note by doing something you like such as going out with family, indulging in a hobby or simply watching TV. That way, you end your day on a happy note instead of going to bed with a stressed mind.
  • Empty your mind before you go to bed. If you are constantly worrying about your exams, it will be difficult to sleep and sleep is important. Especially, right before the exams. Ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep every night in the last week so that you do not blackout or feel low on energy during the examination.
  • Sleep at the right hour. Do not stay up late for any reasons as this is an important time for you to relax and get your energy back for the coming day.

Most importantly, remember to calm down and relax whenever possible. However important, it is only an examination.


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