Career planning after passing CPT - IPCC - CA

CA has become one of the staple career choices for commerce students. A lot of students take up CA due to the wide scope it offers in the commerce field. However, once they are on track with their examinations and articleships, CA students often find themselves at a crucial juncture where they wonder what they would do next. Agreed that being a CA in itself is a good career option, but one need not limit themselves. Also, a lot of students aren’t sure how to exactly go about practicing if to do that. Which is why we have broken down almost every path one can take after pursuing CA. You do not need to ferociously Google career opportunities anymore, as we have laid down all that you can do further. Here, we are sticking to the fields related to Chartered Accountancy alone as we assume that you would want to work in the same field after putting in all the effort. However, bear in mind that at any given point of your life, whatever you want to do, sky is the limit!

1. CFA

If you want to get into absolute technicalities of investment and finance, CFA is the next go to option for you. The combination of CA and CFA provides you with a strong base of accounting and financial knowledge which is like knowing the manufacturing process of bullets for a sniper. It will ensure that you have a strong academic and knowledge base for all your further career goals and the revenue opportunities are endless. But bear in mind, that CFA is as difficult an endeavour as CA, so it will be no cakewalk to complete both of these courses, which are deemed to be the most difficult professional courses in India.

2. ACCA or CS

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) or Company Secretary (CS) can both be equally great for your resume. COupled with the CA, these courses make you look like every company’s requirement. As it goes for demand and supply, the demand for all three courses is very high, and if you have two of these on your resume, any company will be more than happy to have you.

3. Independent Practise

If you are convinced of your skills and have an entrepreneurial streak, you can begin practising as an independent CA right after you complete the formalities with the ICAI. Being a practicing CA will allow you to choose your practices, clients and work hours. But being an entrepreneur is not all fun and games. It comes with a lot of instability. But if you like to take this option, it is best to start in a big city where the demographics are high and the chances of securing clients will be high too.

4. Working for a CA firm

If you do not want to take the plunge right away and start your own practise, you can always start out with another CA firm. There are multiple CA firms who are looking for fresh CAs as they prove to be an added asset to the company. This way you get to work in the field of your choice without the uncertainty. And if you wish, you can later evolve into independent practise once you are confident of your skills.

5. A career in management

A management career is a glamorous affair, especially in the corporate world. There are multiple ways to pursue a career in management after CA. You can join a corporate company and work your way to the top. Or you can pursue an MBA after your CA and then get hired as a management employee directly. It is a well paying career option if it interests you at all.

6. Banking

Although Banking is a big part of the CA curriculum, not many CA students look at Banking as a career option. Banking is one of the most stable career choices that there are. Banking provides stability, growth and a good earning capacity. However, banking is considered to be a monotonous job due to popular beliefs. If banking interests you, it a great option to be considered.

7. Government

There are a lot of opportunities in the government sector for CAs. You can apply to any vacancies that suit your needs and requirements and prepare for their selection criteria. A government job is a steady one and needs to be committed to. However, it provides long term stability and growth and is an excellent source of income. For those who like the idea of working for the government, this is an absolutely must-try option.


The outsourcing sector is flourishing in India like never before and the need for good accountancy is growing at a steady pace. Due to the growth of the sector, the payouts at BPO and KPOs are very alluring and there is a high demand for CAs in the sector. For those who look forward to the BPO/KPO culture and do not mind the working hours, this is a very good career option. The industry is growing at a good rate and there are opportunities to work abroad that come with working in a BPO or a KPO.

9. Teaching

Due to the rise in demand for CAs, the number of students pursuing CA has also grown tremendously. As a CA passout, you can always turn to teaching if it interests you. Teaching is a prestigious profession and with the current growth of private colleges and coaching classes it pays very well too. If you would like to become a college professor, you can pursue NET/SET and teach as a full time professor. You can even specialise in subjects of your choice and work as visiting faculty along with another day job, or profession.

For a CA passout, there are endless opportunities available. Look for what suits you and interests you. There will always be opportunities available for those who are willing to work.


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