Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence. It is rightly said that “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Work is all about passion towards the particular job assigned or chosen for that matter of fact. We all study very hard to achieve success but it’s the love for it which helps to conquer the kingdom of dreams. In initial days, the jobs were limited to only doctors, engineers and professionals related to some of the industries in India but now times have changed. There are innumerable options in every sphere of life as well as strata of people. Here we will take an overview of some of the best jobs currently present in India. The list goes on:

  1. Management professionals.
  2. Investment bankers.
  3. Chartered accountants.
  4. Oil and natural gas sector professionals.
  5. Business analyst.
  6. Technical writer.
  7. SEO analyst.
  8. Growth hacker.
  9. Medical professionals.
  10. Law professionals.
  11. IT and Software Engineers.

We do not demoralize other professions but these are the latest ones which can help to mark a bright future.


They are the backbone for any particular industry. If u want to attend corporate meetings, meet people and climb up the ladder of success as fast as you can this is it; u have chosen the correct decision. There are a number of exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, and XLRI for particularly MBA, PGDM which is generally done after graduation. Initially hard work but after a period you have the opportunity to put the job on your terms and conditions. U can earn a ctc ranging from 5, 00,000 to the experience you hold in this industry.


They are those groups of people who work in a financial institution which primarily deals with the raising of capital for different companies, government institutions and banks dealing especially with the investment part. They help their clients and people to raise money by giving debt or selling equity in the companies. They also guide them to different and profitable variations. A very important part of today’s society earning a ctc of 12, 00,000 to negotiable income.


I bet that this group of individuals are one of the most important as well as cream layers of the society in India. They are well-equipped with all the taxes, laws and groomed to provide the best information about accountancy and business administration. They undergo tedious training programmes to provide healthy and successful modes of taxation and laws. In india they are either absorbed in a firm or on a private basis. Their earnings can’t be fixed unless they are working for some company or firm.


There are a number of companies which hire such professionals like Indian Oil, RIL (Reliance Industries Limited), Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, ONGC, GAIL etc. These include geologists, marine engineers, seismologists, geoscientists, and oil and coal power plant operators. Their pay scale ranges from 15 lakh to the experience.


They are highly trained individuals which help the companies to analyze the competition in the market. They have high IQ’s and good logics, very well read in mathematical concepts. They are paid high at the initial level ranging from six to eight lakhs.


A variety of writers exists today like content writers but a technical writer is one whose main concern is related to IT firms like Adobe, Oracle etc. The ctc ranges between 50,000 to 1,50,000.


This might not be a cup of tea for a larger group of people as the pay initially is not on a higher grade but then the comfort of working from home as well as the flexibility hours is great. They basically read between the lines of any google search engine and help in content writing and social media.


An interesting job growing up rapidly, it harnesses the conventional as well as unconventional methods to help grow business as soon as possible. They believe in long term profits in opposite to short term gains. They are related to marketing, engineers and product managers who help to build blocks of a company. They can earn from one lakh to three lakhs in the initial stages.


This is one field and sector which is least affected by either recession or demonetization or any natural calamities. The most respectable position in Indian society coupled with lot of hard work as well as long years given to achieve the same position. They work either privately or attached to any hospitals or medical institutions. They are given a special place just right next to God.


In India the judicial system holds a lot of importance because a country is known by its LAW. These include lot of persons who leave the posts of judge just to continue with their private practice and provide justice to the needy. They charge a high amount for a single argument. They have excellent communication skills along with patience and endurance.


A well-known field in which people are confluent with the computer language and its terms. They work for the designing, managing and implementing different visions to the system. They are also one of the cream layers of the society who are paid according to their experience and skills.

There are still some more professions which hold lot of importance in the Indian scenario. The above described jobs are growing rapidly without any hassles provided, hard work and discipline which is the key to success. Success is not the key to happiness; Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. It is the consistency, hard work and positive outlook which makes your personality grow fonder day by day.


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