Key benefits of registering for Online Test Series

If you are a CA aspirant, you know the constant struggle of trying to prepare for the upcoming examination. There is CPT, IPCC or the CA finals, you cannot help but wonder what more you can do in order to prepare better for the examination. The fact that the CA passing rate is in single digits, does not help assuage the concern that maybe you are not doing enough. Luckily there are ways to measure your preparation success. One of the easiest ways to do so is by giving mock tests. Mock tests are a great way to get some examination practice as well as gauge your key strengths as well as weaknesses. Mock tests offer a great deal of scope for improvement and self-analysis. Unfortunately, good mock tests are not easily available. An easy way to ensure good quality and quantity of mock tests is to enrol for an online test series.

Online Test Series

An online test series is a service that you can sign up to in order to get a steady supply of tests scheduled at regular intervals in order to keep your studying routine and yourself on toes. A good online test series will provide you with carefully curated questions which will help you practice your revision skills and get you the required practice for the actual examinations. Online test series are an invaluable resource that can help you optimise your CA preparation and be absolutely sure of your revision.

Time management

A necessary trait for CA aspirants is time management. The syllabus is always a lot, and the time is always running out. However, it is important to manage your time in order to ensure that you cover all important bases, complete your syllabus, and have enough time to revise. Having mock tests scheduled, will help you fasten your studying schedule in order to manage your time more efficiently.


A lot of students prepare well but are unable to perform in the exams. This is known as performance anxiety and it can affect the best of us. In order to overcome performance anxiety, the best way is to train your mind to perform under exam like conditions and mock tests offer just that. Signing up for an online test series will ensure that you have exam-like experience and get a taste of the examination pattern before you actually go ahead and give the exams.


When you register for an online mock test series, you are essentially registering for the feedback. The mock tests that you give, will give you instant results and feedback based on which, you can figure out which areas you need to work more upon and which areas are well prepared. It will also give you insights into your studying patterns. Did you spend more time studying the subject that you scored well in? Did you opt for a different technique? These questions will help you figure out a personalized optimum strategy for your studying.

No prerequisites

You need absolutely no prerequisites to sign up for an online test series. You can start giving them whenever you wish. However, for best results, you should start giving mock tests while you are simultaneously preparing for examination. That way, you can figure out your exact improvement areas and work on those. Prepca Mock Test Series gives you option to write portion-wise test series.


Unlike physical mock tests, which are scheduled on a specific day at a specific time, you can take online mock tests at your convenience. If you feel the need to prepare a little more before you take the test, it is possible. Also, the convenience of taking tests remotely from your location is an added benefit when it comes to online test series.

Overall verdict

Online test series are a resource that you can avail if you want to understand your study pattern more deeply and optimize them to suit you the best. Various CA toppers, time and again have reiterated the importance of taking mock tests. That is because taking mock tests allows you take a break from the constant learning and take a shot at application of the same before the actual examination. Apart from the experience and feedback, mock tests also help break the monotony of constant studying and revision. Students can get bored by simply studying for long periods of time. Mock tests offer the sense of achievement at short intervals as well as provide a healthy competitive attitude for students. Only here, they are competing with themselves. Mock tests offer a wide range of benefits to students preparing for any examination. But when it comes to an examination like CA, they are absolutely crucial.

Only Knowledge is not enough to crack CA, expression of knowledge if equally important!


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