Top Score Strategy for CA Exams

When a student decides to undertake CA as a profession, they come to terms with the amount of efforts that need to be put in and the hours that will be taken from their lives to get there. However, when one puts in so many efforts, they naturally want to see those efforts come to fruition. And to pass is not always the goal. Some of us want to pass, as well as score well in order to get the top scores. In India especially, securing top scores is considered a sign of prestige and intelligence. Therefore, it is not a wonder that many students aspire to score the top marks in CA exams. However, the CA exams are unlike any other exams that students undertake previously. The CA exams are not just difficult but lengthy, tedious and deceitful in nature. The paper patterns are different and the syllabus is a lot to catch up with. Therefore, in order to secure top scores, the old methods may not be as useful as one thinks. Thankfully, the top scorers, always have tips to present for the aspirants. We have compiled the best strategies in order to secure the best marks in CA exams for students.

Start Early

Almost all toppers agree that it is imperative to start early when it comes to your CA exams. Almost all of them start right after their 10th grade examinations. However, if you haven’t started yet, it is alright. Just ensure that you have at least six to eight months’ worth of time between the time you commence your studies and your exams. That way you can devise a time plan and complete the syllabus. The CA syllabus, due to its sheer volume, necessitates the students to start as early as possible.


In the entire course of CA, there are no subjects that can be simply winged. All subjects have practical applications and all of them require conceptual clarity. Therefore, it is very important for you to practice as much as possible. There are certain subjects where practice becomes even more imperative such as Accounts. Even with economics, you must remember to practice the graphs and patterns. The more you practice, the clearer your concepts will get and you will build more confidence to clear the exams. Writing enhances your performance so Mock Test Series becomes a must.


Reading is a very important step when it comes to understanding anything at all. And a lot of times in the hustle of studying, we forget to sit back and read. Just reading something as information and not stressing about the studying can do wonders to your understanding. All you need to do is treat your textbook or reference book as a source of information rather than course material and you will be surprised at how well tricking your mind can turn out to be. Just it as a story book and see the wonders.


Sharing knowledge is the best way of increasing it. Discuss what you have learnt and understood with your peers, teachers, parents or whoever you can discuss it with and you will realize that the discussion itself serves as a memory pocket. You can easily refer back to your discussions and recall concepts the way you can never do with just studying. Discussion is a great way of boosting memory and you can do the same on various online forums if you are unable to find someone to discuss your studies with.


The CA exams are a lot work, and moreover it takes a lot of willpower to put in all that work. Especially when most of your friends are out having fun and you have to put in that extra hour of studying on a holiday. Therefore, it is very important that you are committed to scoring well and the commitment itself will serve as a motivation to you. If you can commit to yourself, it means that you really want to score top marks and once you really want something, sticking to a stringent schedule becomes much easier.


A lot of CA students tend to take their articleship lightly in order to focus more on the theory part of their studying. The articleship is mandatory for a reason. The reason is that ICAI wants you to apply the knowledge that you learn in your CA curriculum. The articleship is meant to be an instrumental tool for you in order to understand the concepts in a practical manner and give you a glimpse into your life after the CA course itself. Therefore, take your articleship very seriously as this is the place where you will learn the most in your entire curriculum. Reflect on the concepts you learn in the articleship and don’t hesitate to clarify your doubts during this period. What you learn during your articleship will stick with you for a long time.


When it comes to something as tedious as studying, it can get monotonous. A lot of students’ study for over 10-12 hours a day, which is great if it works for you. But for most of the students’, it is a task that they cannot keep up with. Studying is an absolute requirement. However, it is important to do everything in moderation. Like everything else, you need to mix up your study routine too. Add a few practice papers here and there. Have a friendly mock test with your peers, have online discussions with the CA community. As long as you’re learning, it does not need to be traditional studying.

Seek help

A lot of students tend to get competitive with their peers when it comes to professional examinations such as CA, which is natural. However, students don’t understand that peers are one of the greatest resources available to them that they do not utilize at all. Seek help when you are stuck. Indulge in group study, chat about your studying plans, take breaks together, have recreational activities. Understand that your peers are basically the only people who understand exactly what you are going through currently and can be a great help. So wherever possible, seek help and do not be shy to accept it.




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