Mission CA Final

If asked, “What is the hardest thing you have done in life?” most of the people might think for a while and then answer. However, for a CA, it would take just a second to answer, “Preparing, appearing and clearing the CA finals!”

Every student pursuing CA will agree to the fact that studying for the CA final exams has been one of the most challenging and critical tasks of their lives. The mind boggling pressure to perform well in the exams and get the much longed for degree of a Chartered Accountant, often gives way to lack of confidence and causes students to drift away from the right approach to prepare for these exams. If one says that studying for the finals is as intricate as preparing for a war, it would not be wrong. Therefore, for a successful attack, one needs a well sought out plan. Here are a few simple hacks that could guide you on your mission to success:

Know your enemy

When it comes to CA Finals, the biggest challenge is the colossal syllabus it has. Unforgivable to a great extent. The huge stack of books and the never-ending chapters, the syllabus certainly is the toughest foe on this mission. Be thorough with the syllabus, pick out your strengths and weaknesses, and plan your way ahead. Dedicate enough time to every aspect of the syllabus, because you never know from where a bullet might be headed for you.

Learn to write and Write to learn

Francis Bacon truly said, “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” One of the most basic mistakes that students make while preparing for their finals is that they focus only on learning and completing the syllabus. They forget that writing is the most important part of the learning process. It is your secret weapon in this war. Reasons why writing is the most important aspect of your preparation are:

  • Writing helps in understanding.
  • It helps in retaining what you have learned.
  • It makes the process of recalling recently learned material easier.
  • It helps enhance your skill to express yourself through writing.

Not every war is the same

Every CA final student faces this last hurdle only after hoisting a victory flag over IPCC and of course Articleship. But, it is very important to know that every war is unique in its own way and must need a new approach. One must be aware that after IPCC, CA finals raises the bar to a completely new level. Hence, the preparation and the learning methods must also be elevated. For finals, you should make writing not just a necessity, but a habit.

Too many books spoil the broth

Seeking help from various reference books is a common practice among students. However, the ideal thing to do is to refer only a few books instead of ten or twenty different books. Stick to a handful of books for reference to avoid confusion and save time.

The final war

After months of preparation, when finally, the time comes to step into the battlefield; it is very important that you don’t lose your focus and hit the bull’s eye. Below is a list that you should run through, while you take an aim at the target, in this case, the questions:

  • Expression:
    Having knowledge of the subject is very important, but having the skill to present that knowledge in the right manner is even more important. Sometimes what you write in the exam is like the tip of the iceberg – you know more, but you are unable to put everything down on paper. This reinstates the importance of writing while studying.
  • Digressing:
    With the huge syllabus that CA finals have, it is very easy to lose your way while attempting an answer. Stick to the facts, don’t digress and make sure that you write only relevant material. Learn to be terse and yet impactful. Do away with the idea that longer the answer, more the marks. It will not only help you save time during the exam, but will also make the evaluator’s life easier.
  • Go figures:
    Enhance your answers with flowcharts and diagrams wherever you can. It helps give a clear idea to the evaluator that you know what you are writing. Also, visual representation of any information leaves a better impression on the examiner.

CAdets! Preparing for CA finals may be the hardest thing you are doing in life, but there is no sweeter success than clearing this exam. The hacks above will indeed help you prepare better and perform even better. Learn and write, write and learn – This is your secret weapon to make Mission CA Final a success! All the best!


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