Schedule for IPCC Mock Tests

The schedule is primarily for students who have opted for Test from Center. Students who have opted for Test from home, can customize their dates.
Subject 30%
(50 Marks)
(100 Marks)
100% A
(100 Marks)
100% B
(100 Marks)
Accounting 14-Feb 03-Mar 24-Mar 08-Apr
Business Laws, Ethics and Communication 14-Feb 04-Mar 26-Mar 09-Apr
Cost Accounting and Financial Management 15-Feb 05-Mar 28-Mar 10-Apr
Taxation 15-Feb 06-Mar 30-Mar 11-Apr
Advanced Accounting 17-Feb 07-Mar 01-Apr 12-Apr
Auditing and Assurance 17-Feb 08-Mar 03-Apr 13-Apr
Information Technology and Strategic Management 18-Feb 09-Mar 05-Apr 14-Apr

The exam time will be held as per ICAI time only i.e. 2pm onwards. However you can customise the time & schedule as per your convenience with the center's permission. In case of test of home you have your own flexibility. Papers will be checked & delivered as soft copies within (10 days from the date of your exam).

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