4 Best magazines for Chartered Accountants

As a Chartered Accountant, being on track with the world is a prerequisite. The world is dynamic, and everything changes constantly. In the world of economics, even this change is random. Current practices could become obsolete, new trends might appear, and the market may go on a roller-costar ride.

As such, a CA needs to be aware of everything that happens. Like Lord Baelish would say, "Knowledge is Power." Magazines play a crucial role in getting this knowledge. There are many magazines, journals, and newspapers that would allow a CA to be on the same foot as the world. Some of the best reading materials are:

1. Big4

Those who want to conquer the sky always look at the brightest stars. For every CA, the Big 4 have held a special interest. These "Big 4" companies are actually the four biggest names in the world of finance: Deloitte, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and KPMG. Despite the intermediate drop, the Big 4 are back on their throne.

If you are one of those people who would love to know everything about them, then the Big4 magazine is perfect for you. The magazine publishes everything you would need to know about the past, present, and future of these companies. In addition, it also regularly talks about other companies in the trade, so do not worry about it being narrow.

2. The CA

The CA magazine is the official magazine of the ICAS, which naturally makes it the most authentic source on the list. The magazine is aimed at providing a balanced diet to its readers from the world of accounting and finance. It contains articles on just about every topic a CA might want to read about. It might lack the glamour touch other magazines boast to possess, but it scored 10/10 as far as content is considered.

Apart from the latest news articles, you would also find a horde of resources to help you in being more efficient in your trade. The magazine also serves to provide career opportunities to aspiring CAs.

3. The Economic Times

Ever since 1961, The Economic Times has been a reputed name in the world of journalism. The media house is centered on the world of finance, and fortunately, it also publishes a magazine for the same. Known for its quality content, The Economic Times is a great magazine for insights in the Indian economic world. The topics include broadly everything related to economies, like the stock market, finance, national economy, and jobs. If you are someone who wants to keep a keen eye on the Indian financial scenario, this would be a perfect choice for the same.

Published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., The Economic Times offers variety to those who don't prefer The Economic Times. There are many things which make The Economic Times a great reading material to CAs. To begin with, it divides its daily issues on the basis of sectors like banking, aviation etc. The language is simple to grasp, but the content is worthy of journals. It encompasses articles on everything related to finance, making it a perfect choice for CAs who want to enhance their knowledge.

4. The Wall Street Journal

Anyone even remotely interested in finance knows this name. The reputation of The Wall Street Journal is legendary, and rightly so. It is natural to assume that the publication would be about the deeper concepts of finance, most of which are of no use for a CA. Think again. Any knowledge of the world of finance is worth it, since you never know what might help you in the future. As a CA, you need to have a strong grasp over every topic related to finance under the sun, if you hope to rise above everyone else.

But if you are looking only for accounting news, you won’t be disappointed. WSJ has a dedicated section for accounting, where everything related to the trade is contained. Even though it is not entirely free, the best things in life often aren’t. The quality of the content is elite and immensely informative, which matters more than money. You can have our word; your subscription of WSJ would be worth it.

Honorable mentions

  • Business Line: Published by The Hindu, Business Line offers variety to those who don't prefer The Economic Times. The great quality content and appealing look have made Business Line a favorite among CA folks. It is yet another must-have for those who want to have a closer look at the matters of Indian economy.

  • Accounting Web: Accounting Web is a great resource for any CA since it covers almost every possible news about the world of accounting. The only drawback of it is that it covers the news only in the US and UK.

  • Accounting Today: If public accounting interests you, then Accounting Today is the best choice for you. Ever since its establishment in 1987, Accounting Today has emerged as a prominent magazine for those who are involved in the accounting profession. Its merger in 2009 with two other titles has made it a diverse and popular journal in the trade.


As a Chartered Accountant, you are involved with one of the most basic pillars upon which our civilization is built- the economy. As such, it would be of paramount importance for you to remain updated on everything that happens in your trade. A good magazine is like a guide and companion rolled into one. Choosing any of the magazines we mentioned would definitely lead you on a path of knowledge, and benefit you eventually in your profession.


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